Learn about the sources of funding for scientific research and other facts when it comes to research

Science renders our lives easier – here are several reasons why investment in science happens to be so crucial.

Investing into research doesn't only entail that we are improving our lives now, it also implies we are improving our futures and the lives of our children’s children. Organisations such as the one headed by La June Montgomery Tabron are doing their bit in making sure that our world keeps on improving. Some might even say that investing in science and technology is associated with investing into our futures! In the recent years the topic of sustainability has come to be especially distinguished. Sustainability and sustainable development describes the kind of growth that meet the needs of the present generation whilst not inhibiting the quality of life of the future generations. We have realised that earth’s resources are limited and we need to be more mindful of the way we use up these resources, and science can provide us with answers how we can utilise our earth’s resources more responsibly that won't compromise the ability of future generations to utilise the same resources.

When people consider government funding for scientific research many assume that it just benefits the research directly. And though they're not wrong, they do not take into account that such funding also advantages the economy. But this not just goes for government funding, as private funding for scientific research, done by such non profit organizations as the one chaired by Eliza Manningham-Buller for example, likewise have a favorable impact on the economy of a country. Investment into science improves productivity of the economy – indicating we're ordering as much out of the economy as we can. Being more productive means we're also being more efficient – and this is something that every single economy really should be striving in the direction of.

If you are having doubt about the advantages of investment into science and scientific research just consider all the aspects science has benefited us. In modern times, people are living longer, so many conditions have been eliminated, poverty and hunger are on the decline. And these are simply a few of the instances how science has helped us with these issues.

Whilst there is a lot of debate on scientific research and whether governments ought to be investing into the different scientific fields, men and women like Michael de Picciotto are firm believers that investing into science is primordial to our growth as a human race. One among the reasons for this is that scientific research increases our living conditions, and more critically it saves lives. Research helps develop brand new tools and methodology that can render diagnosis and treatment of numerous conditions more efficient. Although investment into research can cost a great deal of money, over the long haul this sort of financial support can help make treatment more cost efficient, meaning it'll alleviate financial burden of medical treatment that patients and governments carry.

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